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Zaka Style project #16 – Patchwork Ribbon

My favorite gift!

I didn’t plan on doing this week’s Zakka Style project but I’m glad that I did because I’m quite happy with how it turned out and will actually use it! There is a BIG incentive to complete this project and to link it up to the sew along – a nice collection of Cosmo Thread by Lecien.  I was intrigued by the post by The Patchsmith who said she has threads all over the place from making this.  After thinking about it for awhile and reading the directions again, I thought that starting with a large patchwork piece and cutting it into strips on the BIAS might be an answer to the loose threads.  So I tried it!

I sewed some strips together, cut them into smaller pieces and then sewed the pieces together in an arrangement that I thought would give me a long run of bias.

I cut bias strips 1 1/4 inch wide from this.  No frays on the edges and the front of the stripes looked great. The back, though, had all those seams.

Front of bias strips – beautiful

Back of strips – not so pretty











I joined the strips together using a bias join technique.  I thought about stopping here and using the “ribbon” this way.

Single layer

However, there was so much of it that I decided to go ahead and sew it all together with the wrong sides together using a simple running stitch down each edge.  After that, I had only half of the length but no raw edges showing at all!

Double layer

After looking around for something to be the gift to tie it onto for the photo,  a wine bottle seemed perfect.  My sewing space is incredibly well “stocked”! Don’t you agree?

Fabric to the right. Wine to the left.


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Zakka Style project #15 – Elephant Bookmark

This week’s project from the Zakka Style sew along is an Elephant bookmark.  It was designed by Kat Mew.  The guest blogger for the sew along is Angela from Cut to Pieces.

An Elephant Never Forgets Bookmark

I used a fabric strip set that was already sewn together.  It is hard to tell this in the picture because the batik fabrics are so similar. I put the strip set right side to another piece of batik fabric, put the pattern on top, and sewed around it.

Sewing around the paper pattern

I did not use any interfacing.  There were so many comments from others who made this about how hard it was to turn, I just decided not to interface it. Here is a picture of the back side right before turning. I trimmed very closely and clipped all the inside curves.

Trimmed with my beautiful Gingher scissors!

These scissors were a Christmas gift from my daughter, Lindsey.  I love them!  There is nothing in the word that cuts as smoothly as these. I didn’t have any trouble turning my elephant right side out but it was pretty flimsy without the interfacing so I did the next best thing – I spray starched the heck out of it – several times! This was actually quite effective and it is now pretty stiff.  I then sewed an ultra suede ear on.  I didn’t bother with an eye because somehow there is a star on the fabric right where the eye would be.  I couldn’t have fussy cut it any more perfectly.

Marking it’s place in my Zakka Style book.

Linking to LR Stitched Zakka sew along.


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Zakka Style project #10 – The Zip Organizer

I started this project yesterday when I was waiting for an air conditioning service guy to arrive.  I finished it today when a friend came over to sew with me.  My daughter looked at it this evening and asked how long the friend was here (all day) and was surprised this is all that I had made during that time.  I guess she doesn’t understand how long it takes us to chit chat and show each other what we’ve made since the last time we visited one another!  And we had to have coffee…and lunch!  We’re probably lucky we got anything done.

My air conditioner is now working but my internet is out.  I’m posting on my husband’s computer who has a special” thingy” to hook it to the web without an internet connection. This computer is unfamiliar to me and doing weird things like centering my writing and I can’t get it to align left so I give up!  Goodbye until I can use my own computer!  Good luck to everyone who is making this organizer this week.


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Looking forward to the Zakka quilt project

Have you been sewing along with the projects from the book Zakka Style? It’s been fun to see all of the different versions of the projects starting from the beginning of the book.  The first project was a tote bag and it took some time to make up.  However, since then, the projects have been very quick and relatively simple.  The idea with the Zakka Sew Along is to read the guest blogger’s notes for that week’s project on Monday and make the item up and link it by the following Sunday.  I’m going to be traveling some over the next few weeks so I thought I had better look ahead.

Japanese fabric charm pack

There is only one quilt in the book and it is coming up in a few weeks.  I have a charm pack of Japanese woven fabrics that I’ve been saving for just the right project, and I think this is it!  My squares are 4″ and the pattern in the book calls for 6″ but that does not deter me.  I will just add more rows/columns to make the quilt the same size.

Zakka Quilt - book and pencil diagram

I made a sketch to help determine materials and sizes needed.

I’m considering sewing this together with my serger.  I have never sewn a quilt together this way before but all of these fabric are rather loosely woven (especially this linen) and I think it might be a good idea.

Quilt layout on design wall

I did not get last weeks project (mini magnets) done due to travel for my husband’s birthday.  However, I still  feel like I’m ahead instead of behind because I’ve got this quilt all cut and ready to sew.

Happy Birthday Dear!


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Zakka Style Project 3: Zakka Pincushion

This is week 3 of the Zakka Style Sew Along.  This week’s project is a pretty straight forward pincushion.  Here is the example from the book:

Zakka Style Pincushion

Here is the pincushion I made:

Zakka Pincushion front

Zakka Pincushion front

Zakka Pincushion back

Zakka Pincushion back

I made the following changes from the directions in the book:

1.  Size – mine is a bit smaller.

2.  I used sand instead of polyester fiberfill inside.  I like the feel of sand and supposedly it keeps your pins sharp!  This did make attaching the buttons on the front and back to one another kind of funky because the “fill” does not stay in one place.

3.  I free motion stitched a design on fabric rather than stamping.

It’s cute but not as cute as the chicken pincushions I made a few weeks ago!

Chicken pincushions

Cluck! Cluck!

Don’t you agree?


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Zakka Style Project 2: The House Pouch

This is week two of the Zakka Style Sew Along.  Project 2 was a lot quicker and easier to sew than the Project 1 tote.  It was very fun to make and I plan to use it to keep sewing tools in.

Here are all the pieces laid out.  The house and roof have fusible interfacing on the wrong side.  I used fusible web on the fabric for the door and windows.  Roof, door and windows were cut out using the templates from the book Zakka Style.

House pouch pieces. Roof ready to be cut using template from book.

Next step was to add all the “house” details including flower garden.

House pouch - flowers sewn on

The house and roof were sewn together and then the lace edging was sewn on.  Lining was cut (bright pink in my pictures) and the zipper is installed by placing it in between the lining and house tops.  I used this video tutorial which I found the link to among the Flickr group comments. This is a GREAT way to put a zipper into the top of a pouch!  I have done many and this looks the very best.

Sew zipper to top and lining on both sides.

House pieces and lining pieces right sides together

House pieces and lining pieces right sides together

Once zipper is attached, arrange pieces as above and sew around all edges except for the bottom of the lining.  You MUST leave a space free to turn the pouch right side out and you MUST leave the zipper part way open to do this as well.

Finished pouch

All done!

Project #2 complete.  22 more to go!  Next week:  Zakka Pincushion.  It won’t be as cute as my chickens!


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Zakka Style Zig Zag Tote

Here is my tote and I love it!  I wanted a large tote and I might have made it too large (18″ x 15″ x 8″).  Is that possible?  It can’t be too big, can it?  I guess I’ll find out when I take it on my next flight and try to fit it under the seat in front of me.

Those zig zags were tricky!  I decided to do something different on the other side.  I looked through the book Modern Blocks which is another stash book  by c & t publishing.  A lot of different blocks caught my eye, but I decided on BINARY  which is the 8th of 99 blocks in the book.

I did a few straight lines of quilting across the design which really show up in this picture but are not nearly so evident in “real life.”  I also quilted around each of those colored squares and rectangles which does not show at all.

I got this done in time to link it up with the other quilters who are sewing along and hoping to win some great fat quarters this week.  Tomorrow begins another project and it’s one of my favorites from the book Zakka Style.  Please come back and see my version of “The House Pouch”.  Amy from During Quiet Time is going to hostess this project this week.  Check her blog tomorrow morning.


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