Project 1 – Zig Zag tote

This is week one of the Zakka Style sew along and the first project in the book is this Zig Zag tote:

I love the zig zag detail which is created using quarter square triangles. However, I have enough bags that are roughly this size and I could use a larger bag.  I am, therefore, going to use the zig zag detail and make up a larger bag which will have a zippered top.    My fabric selection is below. The large grey piece is linen which will be the main part of the bag. I think I will be able to have 3 zig zags (or is that 2 zigs and 1 zag?)

I started by cutting 4 1/4″ strips and then cutting them into 4 1/4″ squares. The squares were then cut on the diagonal in both directions to make quarter square triangles.

Here are 2 finished strips and that’s as far as I got today.

Check back in a few days to (hopefully!) see the finished bag!


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