Zakka Style Project 2: The House Pouch

This is week two of the Zakka Style Sew Along.  Project 2 was a lot quicker and easier to sew than the Project 1 tote.  It was very fun to make and I plan to use it to keep sewing tools in.

Here are all the pieces laid out.  The house and roof have fusible interfacing on the wrong side.  I used fusible web on the fabric for the door and windows.  Roof, door and windows were cut out using the templates from the book Zakka Style.

House pouch pieces. Roof ready to be cut using template from book.

Next step was to add all the “house” details including flower garden.

House pouch - flowers sewn on

The house and roof were sewn together and then the lace edging was sewn on.  Lining was cut (bright pink in my pictures) and the zipper is installed by placing it in between the lining and house tops.  I used this video tutorial which I found the link to among the Flickr group comments. This is a GREAT way to put a zipper into the top of a pouch!  I have done many and this looks the very best.

Sew zipper to top and lining on both sides.

House pieces and lining pieces right sides together

House pieces and lining pieces right sides together

Once zipper is attached, arrange pieces as above and sew around all edges except for the bottom of the lining.  You MUST leave a space free to turn the pouch right side out and you MUST leave the zipper part way open to do this as well.

Finished pouch

All done!

Project #2 complete.  22 more to go!  Next week:  Zakka Pincushion.  It won’t be as cute as my chickens!


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2 responses to “Zakka Style Project 2: The House Pouch

  1. Lovely. Have to try.

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