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Willow Cowl

Beautiful fall colors!

Beautiful fall colors!

The Willow Cowl knitting pattern is a free download from Ravelry. It alternates rows of knit stitches with rows of a lace pattern and features a picot edging on both the top and bottom.


I took a long car trip with my husband last month to Colorado, Utah and Montana and was looking for a “project” to do on the airplane and in the car. My friend, Anne, happened to wear a willow cowl right before I was leaving. I knew this was the perfect thing to take with me. I even convinced two of the friends I was meeting to work on one too.

Busy knitting out Willow Cowls

Busy knitting our Willow Cowls

One of our husbands took this picture of us. Look at the concentration! I wish you could see the roaring fire in the fireplace across from us. We were at 10,000 feet in a cabin in CO and it was cold at night in October.

I finished my cowl during the car ride away from the cabin when we were near Grand Junction, CO. I quickly looked up on my smart phone to see if there was a yarn store nearby our route. Yes! AND my dear husband was willing to stop. Only a mile off of our planned route was this store:

Tangle in Grand Junction, Colorado

Tangle in Grand Junction, Colorado

I bought two more skeins of sock yarn.

Ooh la, la!  100% Pure Silk

Ooh la, la! 100% Pure Silk

This yarn is thin – more lace weight than sock weight. But the silk is so nice feeling! And these colors were all around me while I was knitting it.

I followed the same directions but the difference in the yarn made a bit of a difference in the size that doesn’t really matter when you wear it.


I finished both of these on my trip and was glad to have something to work on while visiting friends and traveling. Since returning home, I’ve started on a third one. I’m not sure whether I will keep all three or gift one or two of them. Would you like one?

Koigu sock yarn - Merino wool

Koigu sock yarn – Merino wool


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