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Zakka Style project #10 – The Zip Organizer

I started this project yesterday when I was waiting for an air conditioning service guy to arrive.  I finished it today when a friend came over to sew with me.  My daughter looked at it this evening and asked how long the friend was here (all day) and was surprised this is all that I had made during that time.  I guess she doesn’t understand how long it takes us to chit chat and show each other what we’ve made since the last time we visited one another!  And we had to have coffee…and lunch!  We’re probably lucky we got anything done.

My air conditioner is now working but my internet is out.  I’m posting on my husband’s computer who has a special” thingy” to hook it to the web without an internet connection. This computer is unfamiliar to me and doing weird things like centering my writing and I can’t get it to align left so I give up!  Goodbye until I can use my own computer!  Good luck to everyone who is making this organizer this week.


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