Zakka Style project #15 – Elephant Bookmark

This week’s project from the Zakka Style sew along is an Elephant bookmark.  It was designed by Kat Mew.  The guest blogger for the sew along is Angela from Cut to Pieces.

An Elephant Never Forgets Bookmark

I used a fabric strip set that was already sewn together.  It is hard to tell this in the picture because the batik fabrics are so similar. I put the strip set right side to another piece of batik fabric, put the pattern on top, and sewed around it.

Sewing around the paper pattern

I did not use any interfacing.  There were so many comments from others who made this about how hard it was to turn, I just decided not to interface it. Here is a picture of the back side right before turning. I trimmed very closely and clipped all the inside curves.

Trimmed with my beautiful Gingher scissors!

These scissors were a Christmas gift from my daughter, Lindsey.  I love them!  There is nothing in the word that cuts as smoothly as these. I didn’t have any trouble turning my elephant right side out but it was pretty flimsy without the interfacing so I did the next best thing – I spray starched the heck out of it – several times! This was actually quite effective and it is now pretty stiff.  I then sewed an ultra suede ear on.  I didn’t bother with an eye because somehow there is a star on the fabric right where the eye would be.  I couldn’t have fussy cut it any more perfectly.

Marking it’s place in my Zakka Style book.

Linking to LR Stitched Zakka sew along.


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2 responses to “Zakka Style project #15 – Elephant Bookmark

  1. Alice

    Very cute. I’m surprised the pattern did not call for some kind of interfacing or stiffening.

    • The pattern did call for the project to be interfaced but everyone making it was having a lot of trouble turning it with the interfacing in place, so I left it out.

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