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Circular Knitting Needle Holder


Holder for circular knitting needles

Holder for circular knitting needles

This knitting needle holder works by sliding each needle into a fabric “tunnel” marked with the size of the needle on it. This has made a huge difference in keeping track of my own knitting needles. Instead of searching through my knitting supplies for the right packet holding the needle size and length I need, I just go to my closet and find this holder and I can immediately see what I have available.  As you can see – I have quite a few circular needles!  I basically don’t use straight needles anymore.  The curve of the circular needle just feels better in my hands and I use them even if I am not knitting “in the round”.


I made 2 of these for gifts – one for my oldest daughter and one for my sister-in-law. I hope that they have them filled with their needles by now!

I evidently didn’t take a picture of it (rats!), but I put a pocket in the back that holds a tool that sizes knitting needles. It has different size holes in it which you can poke your needle through to see what size the needle is if it isn’t marked. That way you can slide it into the correct slot of the holder. This was a fun project to make up and I hope to write up an actual tutorial soon.


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