Vegetable Aprons


“Hanging out” in the garden!

These are vegetable aprons that I was commissioned to make hanging up on the fence of my local community garden. This is actually my plot within that garden. It is located in Rock Creek Park right here in Washington DC and has been the source of lots of good things to eat this summer.

Bell peppers

Bell peppers

I was contacted through my blog by someone who had seen the bell pepper hot pad I had made as part of the Patchwork Please sew along.

Front of pepper hot pad.

Bell pepper hot pad.

They asked me if I could make something similar to this into an apron. They wanted 3 different colored bell peppers and 3 different colored eggplants.



I didn’t know that green eggplants exist, did you? (It could double as a pear!)


My daughter wearing the white eggplant apron.

They also wanted a tomato.

Tomato (cross-section)

Tomato (cross-section)

They wanted them all to have pockets which is what that darker area across the middle of them is. (In the garden pics)



I thought I was pretty clever making the “seeded” sections travel across the pocket of the tomato.

Ribbon ties

Ribbon ties

The aprons all have grosgrain ribbon ties at the neck and for around the waist.


It was a ton of fun to make these aprons! Solid fabrics were requested. I think it would have been even more fun to sew them in more interesting fabrics (like the hot pad). I was sad to send them off. Maybe I’ll be making some more soon for myself, just for fun! They sure looked cheerful on that garden fence.


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10 responses to “Vegetable Aprons

  1. Nancy Cushing

    So awesome, Linda! You did a fabulous job with the shapes, pockets, colors. Hope you get good reviews from the company.

  2. Sharon hankins

    Those are darling! I didn’t know you had a garden but what a perfect place to display that handiwork!

    • It took us 4 years to get a plot in the garden which is just a half mile from our house. There are 100 plots and it started as a Victory Garden.

  3. Heather

    Those are wonderful – great work! And your daughter is such a good sport!

  4. Christine Payne

    Linda, you are such an inspiration, and I love your posts. These aprons are adorable! I enjoy reading about everything you do!

  5. Linda, these look so cool strung out on your garden fence! It looks so festive, it makes me wish for a garden party! I love the way they turned out, especially your tomato seeds . 🙂 great job!

  6. I love these! Great job, as usual!

  7. Jan

    So cute! You are very creative!

  8. Connie

    I love those aprons… different and practical. I love the tomato one.
    Hope your garden is doing well. We are in the tons of tomato and zucchini stage! Also a few green beans each day.

  9. Frederick

    Fun, you have so much fun, sewing and being creative. I wonder what all the vegetables we could come up with for apron designs. Peas in pods come to mind with swirling tendrils and maybe some flowers? So many ways to represent the goods of the garden.

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