Wool Embroidery and a Triple Zip

Baby chicks

Baby chick candle mat – Size is about 7″ across (small!)

Isn’t this a happy little piece? I bought it as a wool felt embroidery kit. It included all the pieces already cut out. All I had to do was pick some embroidery floss to make it up. I was inspired to stitch it while I was visiting my friends in CO. A couple years ago, my friends and I made this larger piece as a gift for a week in the friend’s cabin together:


Felted wool and embroidery – size is about 15 inches across

Close up of wool and embroidery

Close up of wool and embroidery

Once I left Colorado, we drove to MT where I have a sewing machine. I finally made a triple zip pouch that I’ve been wanting to try making for some time. I used this tutorial by Debbie of A Quilter’s Table. It is an ingenious pattern and makes up fairly quickly.

Fabric and zipper selection

Fabric and zipper selection

All pieces cut out and ready

All pieces cut out and ready

Zipper tabs applied about 3/4 inch from each side of pouch piece.

Zipper tabs applied about 3/4 inch from each side of pouch piece.

Piece after all zippers and linings have been attached

Piece after all zippers and linings have been attached

Somehow, after all of that, it turns into this:

Finished triple zip

Finished triple zip – Size 7 1/2″ wide by 6″ tall

I’m trying to decide what sort of pouch would be the absolute best for carrying charging cords around when traveling – or maybe just for storing them when not in use. I currently use my House Pouch from the Zakka Style book:

Zakka Style House Pouch

Zakka Style House Pouch

I can fit my computer cord, kindle cord and telephone charging cord in this pouch but I have to take the whole bunch out and untangle them to get one. I thought the triple zip pouch might work but it is too small. (A larger version may be in the works soon – if I can figure it out).

Do you have a “pouch” that you like to carry charging cords in? Please let me know and I hope it is something that I can make.



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8 responses to “Wool Embroidery and a Triple Zip

  1. Sharon Hankins

    I am sure you can get your engineer to calculate the sizes for a bigger triple zip pouch! I think that would be the best solution to cord management. The chicks are adorable. I am determined to make my woodland Santa felted kit this year! You inspire me. Wish you were here to push me!

  2. The embroidery is so cute, Linda!

    I don’t have any solutions for the cords, except maybe if you wound them up and then bound them with a twist tie they wouldn’t get tangled together in the same pouch?

  3. Sandy J. Selig

    Adorable!! I love the little chicks. I think I could do that!

  4. Sandy J. Selig

    And the triple zip is great too!!

  5. oh your triple-zip turned out great! Thanks for sharing it with me! And RE: cords – how about Noodlehead’s large open-wide pouch?? I think it might work…

  6. It’s beautiful, the round pads are amazing! You are very clever 🙂

  7. What a cute chick embroidery. Sometimes it’s very relaxing to use a kit isn’t it? I store my cords in a zip up pouch I made but I can’t remember where I got the pattern I’m afraid, but I reckon your three zip pouch made bigger would be perfect.

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