Finch Sewing Studio

Finch Sewing Studio - Leesburg, VA

Finch Sewing Studio – Leesburg, VA      (Photo from FinchHandmade on Flickr)

The Finch Sewing Studio is owned and operated by Nicole Morgenthau in Leesburg, Virginia. Nicole runs this business out of her home and she has a great space set up for it – complete workspaces for up to 6 sewers with plenty of room for cutting and ironing.


Nicole Morgenthau

I know Nicole through the DC Modern Quilt Guild. I’ve been following her blog and reading about the different classes that she offers. She has occasionally brought some of her bolts of fabric to the DCMQG meetings, so I know she has a great collection.  She is also frequently wearing something that she has made and it always looks great! I’ve been wanting to see her studio and take a class, so when my sister decided to come for a visit from Connecticut, I thought this was a fun thing that we could do together – even though I am an avid sewer and my sister hasn’t touched a sewing machine in at least 30 years.



So, off we went yesterday, with my daughter, to Leesburg for a 3 hour tote bag class. We had a blast! It was such a fun thing to do together. We didn’t have to bring any machines or sewing supplies, the Finch Sewing Studio had it all. We just showed up and Nicole had us pick out our fabrics and got us started.

My sister at the ironing station

My sister at the ironing station

This was basically a beginner sewing class. It is probably a great thing for any of us that think we know a lot about something, to go through listening to the instructions given to someone who is just learning. There is always more to learn!

My daughter and her fabric.

My daughter and her fabric.

My daughter was quick to point out all of the things I had taught her that weren’t quite right – like how I pin my fabric pieces together before sewing them. Of course, there isn’t really a right and a wrong way of doing it (is there?), but one way is easier to remove the pins as you sew.

Here I am cutting out my fabric.

Here I am cutting out my fabric.

The tote that we made was an easy but clever way to make a bag. The bottom accent piece is just added on over the main fabric while the piece is still flat. I’m sure this has the added benefit of providing a sturdier bottom to the bag as well as just making it easy to apply and nicer to look at.

Class sample

Class sample – Photo from Finchhandmade on Flickr

The bag and lining are sewn together by topstiching at the top after the careful ironing under of both pieces. No sewing, leaving a gap, and then turning right side out and having to hand sew that opening shut. In fact, Nicole suggested that we let the lining pop up a little bit at the top so that it looked as though there was a pretty piping detail. So easy and so sweet looking.

After about 3 hours, here we all are with our finished totes!

"Wearing" our new bags!

“Wearing” our new bags!

The final detail was a leather handle. The Finch Sewing Studio has these in several lengths but we all liked this 26″ size that makes it easy to put the bag over your shoulder. We were all so happy with our new bags.  Thanks Nicole!

I will be returning soon to take a garment class and learn how to make a pattern actually fit my body.  Want to come with me? Let me know and I’ll set it up! Or give Nicole a call (503.964.2439) or send her an email ( and go have some fun sewing at her studio.


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13 responses to “Finch Sewing Studio

  1. Jane Gordon

    Linda, The tote bags look darling; and how much fun to get to do something like this with a daughter and a sister! So wish I could have been there – especially to do something that you said was relatively simple!

  2. Thanks so much, Linda!! It was really fun. I never get tired of seeing each person’s unique touch on my projects! And your sister and daughter were delightful!!

  3. Alice

    Nice bags.
    I really like the wall decorations she made with the different sized embriodery hoops and fabrics. Clever girl!

  4. Linda your blog just keeps getting better and better! What a fun activity. I will have to check this out next time we visit.

  5. Debbie L

    It sounds like a spectacular experience! Love to try sometime there sometime – but not into pattern fitting I’m afraid. Thanks for such an upbeat post on a dreary weather day. Those totes are just wonderful.

  6. Danita Rafalovich

    Hi Linda,

    That is lovely project you all did. It looks like Nicole has a wonderful studio. It would be fun to join you, but right now we’re extremely busy. Wayne retired and we are packing up to move back to LA at the end of June. it is a truly bittersweet time. We do love it here, but after seven years, time to go home to California.

    Hope we can have a lunch sometime. Danita

    Sent from my iPad Minnie

  7. Beth

    Looks like a great day!

  8. Anne

    Great post! Love the different fabrics you chose for your bags.

  9. Connie

    What a fun time you all had together and beautiful totes. Wish this was closer as I would love to get back to sewing again. I loved craft sewing years ago. I love your writing on the blog and enjoy each new post.

  10. I love that you did this with your family. What a nice way to spend some tie together! I can’t wait to get out to Nicole’s myself someday soon!

  11. I am so happy to hear that you took a class at Finch and that you enjoyed yourself! I’m glad you were able to take such wonderful people with you – that always makes class fun!!

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  13. Sharon Hankins

    What a fun way to spend time with your sister and Megan! I would love to do that some day and it would be fun to have the B’s take a class together! Again, I love your blog. “I finally had time” to read this one.

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