Sew South – Swaps!

One of the many things that made the Sew South Retreat so much fun were the swaps. Anyone who wanted to participate in the “Sample” Swap, made up 4 of one thing they wanted to swap. At the retreat, we were divided into random groups of 5 and we each gave one of our 4 samples to the other 4 people in our group. Here is a sampling of what participants gave and received:

I made up these chicken pincushions and was able to swap for a few more than 4 things because I had 6 of them!

My pincushions

My chicken pincushions

Handmade fun!


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11 responses to “Sew South – Swaps!

  1. ellisonlanequilts

    Those little chickens are so cute! I missed seeing them in person. Love the mosaic!

    • I’m sorry that you didn’t see them. They are pretty funny. I had a 7th one that I gave to Leah Day (since she has live chickens at her home.)

  2. Frederick

    I think I am in love with a chicken!

  3. Sharon Hankins

    Much fun! Love your chicken pincushions!

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  4. Jan Gavin

    The chicken pincushions are so darn cute! I love the enthusiasm this conference exudes. It is like a breath of fresh air for quilting.

    Jan B Gavin
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    • Not just for quilting – but for sewing. Everyone who came was a quilter but the conference was designed to teach some new skills to make everyone try something new in an encouraging atmosphere.

  5. I got one of your cute chickens – thanks Linda!

  6. Cluck cluck, so cute.

  7. Your row of chickens is just adorable. I have never swapped anything!

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