Madrona Road Fabric Challenge

Flexi-frame coin purse

Flexi-frame coin purse

The Modern Quilt Guild announced a Winter 2012 Fabric Challenge running from Dec. 1 through Jan 31. Each “local” Modern Quilt Guild that wished to participate was given fat eighth fabric bundles of Madrona Road by Violet Craft for Michael Miller. The DC Modern Quilt Guild received 12 bundles and handed them out at their Dec. meeting. The challenge was simply to make something from these fabrics and the rules stated that you could use other fabrics in this fabric line other than the 6 that were given or add solids. (Other prints were not to be used).


Since I am currently trying to use the fabric I already have rather than buy more, I picked a project that I could make using only the fabric that was given. I picked this little flex frame pouch.  It is a free tutorial by Leila of Where the Orchids Grow.

1/2 inch hexagons - sigh!

1/2 inch hexagons – sigh!

The pattern calls for 1/2 inch hexagons which I printed out on card stock and cut them out. 1/2 inch hexagons are extremely small! However, to make this pouch, you only have to piece 55 hexagons into 5 rows of 11. This group of hexagons is trimmed and cut into a front and back for the pouch. I played with how to arrange them.







Obviously, I decided on the later. Here they are all sewn together.

Notice that each hexagon is about the size of a quarter.

Notice that each hexagon is about the size of a quarter.

The sewing of the pouch was very quick and easy. I probably spent the better part of 2 days fiddling with piecing the hexagons (by hand) and less than 40 minutes sewing the pouch together (by machine). The mechanism for opening the pouch is stiff enough that if you really did use it for coins, I’m sure they would not fall out!


Finished pouch

I used a 3 1/2 inch hinged frame from Ghee’s. They come in a package of 2 frames for $6. The description on their website says “Frames can be used to make an eyeglass case, coin purse, or a tote for your scissors, curling iron, or cell phone.” Perhaps I will make one of these other things with the other frame!


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6 responses to “Madrona Road Fabric Challenge

  1. Very cute! Nice to know about those frames.

  2. Sharon Hankins

    Very good use of the tiny hexagons. I love the look. Is it a contest? Glad to. Know about the frames.

  3. I can’t believe you used such tiny hexagons!!!! Good for you. The pouch looks great.

  4. frederick

    Looks great, what an arduous project piecing all those small hexagons.

  5. Sandy J. Selig

    I love your little coin purse that you started in CT on New Years Eve. I think the rows look great. Good work!!

  6. How fun! I love it! (And you are crazy…those hexies are so tiny! 😉

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