Can you make a modern quilt from older scraps?

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Finished quilt.

I was recently given some left over fabric pieces from former projects of a fellow quilter. She admitted that some of the fabric has been put away in her basement for up to 15 years. Although some of the fabric colors were rather dated, some of them were bright and cheerful.  I picked out some of the fabric strips that I liked best.

Strips laid out

These strips of fabric were perfectly sewn together with really flat seams that were so easy to work with.  I sewed enough of them together to form one long piece.

Separate fabrics sewn together

I then folded the piece into thirds and cut the horizontal strips in the other direction.

Cutting across the strips

Next I cut slightly wider strips out of Kona Snow and sewed them on each side of the colored strips.

Strips sewn together with white strips

I’ve got to admit that I chickened out with the quilting and decided just to do straight lines using my walking foot. Here is the finished quilt.

Finished Quilt

Straight line quilting

Addendum: This quilt sold in the first few hours of the Silent Auction for it’s “Buy It Now” price of $95.  I was very happy.  (100% was donated to the Needlechasers guild.)


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7 responses to “Can you make a modern quilt from older scraps?

  1. Debbie L

    fantastic – would you demonstrate this technique at the guild?

  2. Alice

    Linda, that is fantastic!

  3. Sharon Hankins

    I really like the way you used those beautiful fabrics. Very contemporary look!

  4. donna

    I am totally inspired to try my own scrap quilt. Your choice of scrap colors was important to achieve such a beautiful finished piece. Can’t wait to see it in person.

  5. This is just terrific!

  6. I think it looks beautiful! So many “modern” fabrics are throw backs to vintage fabrics or are timeless that I think much more about the “modern” aesthetic has to do with design and placement. I just used a charm pack of Half Moon mixed in with fabrics I bought in my first fabric-buying spree more than a decade ago…and I best you couldn’t tell which were which! Maybe I’ll bring it to guild and let you guess! 🙂

  7. laura

    fantastic, Your quilt is beautiful!!

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