Envelope Wall Hanging

I have finished another item to sell at the Needlechasers boutique in October.  It is a wall hanging that includes three “envelopes” to hold cards.

Three envelopes to hold cards.

This fabric showcases Olivia the pig, a popular children’s book character.  The pigs are wearing winter scarfs so it could be used for Christmas cards.

Fabric and quilted hearts.

Or Valentine cards!

I think if made in another fabric, it would make a wonderful organizer for an office.

Here’s a cute little video of Olivia just for fun. She’s pretty cute.

Happy sewing!


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3 responses to “Envelope Wall Hanging

  1. I think this is precious Linda. The black and red striped border may be my favorite part.

  2. Sharon Hankins

    So cute, Linda! Great fabric and I think it would be cute for Christmas or Valentines.

  3. Such a great idea…I think I will make one for my office! I love the Olivia fabric…my mom has some that she bought to make a quilt for her best friend’s granddaughter, but she never cut into it (and I doubt she will unless I’m there to spur her on). So…I don’t plan to spur her on until we have a little one on the way…her own future grandchild totally needs Olivia! 😉

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