Fun in the Wild West!

I traveled to Ennis, MT last week with my husband and daughter.  My husband’s brother and his family were already there and we spent a few days with them . We did a lot of fly fishing.

Max and Maya


Linda and Jim

We fished during the day and we fished at dusk.

Fishing at sunset

It is so beautiful there.

Montana is called “Big Sky” country.  See why?

What did we do when we weren’t hassling the fish?  Fabric and yarn shopping!

Stitches That Bind
Quilt Store in Ennis, MT

You cannot believe all of the fabric and quilting supplies owner, Julie, fits into this shop!  It is well worth a trip to shop here.  Of course she has western themed fabrics, but also a great supply of batiks, modern and traditional fabrics and many, many interesting patterns.

Yarn store in Ennis, MT

The “CR” in CR.eations stands for Christine Rodgers who is the owner.  This is another small shop that has so much goodness packed inside.  Absolutely gorgeous yarns! Lindsey and I bought fabric and spent a day cutting it into pieces for a quilt for her and her new husband.

Ready to start sewing.

Here are the first two blocks of her maple leaf design quilt. All those beautiful batiks!  How do you choose which to put together in each block? It just makes you want to keep on making them. That is a good thing!

I left Montana a few days ago and traveled through Idaho to Wyoming. Please come back in a few days to see those pictures!

I’m not in Kansas the city anymore!


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5 responses to “Fun in the Wild West!

  1. Jane Gordon

    What great pictures! (Loved the “Big Sky” picture) And what beautiful fabric. You have such a talent for choosing colors and patterns that go so well together! Have a great trip!

  2. Alice

    I am anticipation seeing what the finished quilt looks like.
    So did you catch anything? Or did you just have fun soaking in the beauty.

    • We caught a lot of little trout and got a lot of exercise. You know, walking upstream (both ways – ha!) against the current on a very rocky river bed.

  3. Alice

    URG! “I am in anticipation to see”….

  4. Sharon Hankins

    What beautiful pics! Makes us look forward to rescheduling our trip there. I sure can’t let Amy see the work you started on Lindsey’s quilt. I simply must get motivated to work on hers. Look forward to your next posting.

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