CREATE workshop in New Jersey

My daughter and I just spent 5 days at the CREATE workshop in New Jersey. We have never taken a large workshop in another city over multiple days before this. It was fun and I learned many new things.  The teachers were EXCELLENT. I enjoyed and appreciated each one.  Quilting is my main interest these days but this was a multi media retreat and I was definitely taken outside of my comfort zone. The following are the workshops that I or my daughter took.
Workshop #1 Introduction to Fusion Fabrics taught by Jane Davies.

Introduction to Fusion Fabrics
Start of piece
Size: Approx. 12″ square

Fusion fabric
Finished piece

Fabric confetti

In this class we covered a plain piece of fabric with Misty-fuse which is a paperless fusible web.  We covered this with different fabrics, added another layer of fusible and then sheer fabrics (or papers!) including organzas and netting.  We were able to add fibers or threads next and then finished with a final layer of Misty-fuse.  It created some interesting effects.  I’m not that happy with what I made during class, but I can see myself trying this again at home and then using it to make a purse, notebook cover, or other small gift item.

Workshop #2  Thread Painted Mini Art Quilt taught by Elin Waterston and Workshop #3 Hand Stitched Jewels taught by Natalya Aikens.

Thread painted sandhill crane with hand stitched embellishment (not complete)

Teacher Natalya Aikens holding her art piece.

These workshops were separate classes.  When I got to the Hand Stitched Jewels class, I decided to use this piece to stitch on. I’m not completely crazy about it, but I don’t hate it either!

Workshop #4 Text Tiles taught by Seth Apter. My daughter, Sandy, took this class and made this for me:

Text Tile
Size: approx. 6″ square

And this one for herself:

Text Tile

Workshop #5 My Mapology taught by OrlyAvineri. This class was about art journaling. The class was full (25 students) and many had signed up for the conference just to take Orly’s class. She had us use images that she gave us (including maps) to create art in our journal. We used paints, papers, inks and any other mediums we wished.

My art journal.

Teacher Orly Avineri’s art journal

Workshop #6 Textured Cuffs & Scrapbook Rings taught by Eva Sherman.  Sandy took this class and made 3 copper bracelets and 2 rings.  She has never done anything like this before and these things she made are beautiful.

Copper bracelets Sandy made and kept. (Gatsby is her dog!)

Bracelet and ring she gave to me!

Finally we took a class together.  Workshop #7 Collage, Texures and Composition taught by Lesley Venable. I had fun in this class, especially because my daughter was there, but collage is definitely not my thing! There are way too many choices of materials.  I love working with fabric and a sewing machine SO much better than this.  Sandy really enjoyed this class though and I think that her artwork shows that.

My collage

My collage

Sandy’s collage

Sandy’s collage

Workshop #8 Nesting Instincts Necklace taught by Jean Van Brederode. This class was about enameling copper to make a fun necklace. It was fired in a kiln at 1350 degrees for 2 minutes.  True confession – I bought a kiln 5 years ago to use for making glass beads and have never used it.  Here is another thing I could do with it if I got it set up.  I really love this necklace.

Nesting Instincts Necklace class

The teachers were all amazing and the students were fun to be in class with. I could write so much more about this fun retreat but I’ve worn myself and probably you out with what I’ve already posted tonight. Thanks for visiting my blog and taking a look at what I’ve been up to!


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4 responses to “CREATE workshop in New Jersey

  1. Danita

    Thanks for sharing so much about your great vacation, Linda. I’m sure you will get to apply some of what you learned in later artwork. That knowledge never leaves, it just simmers inside you and then can come out later.

  2. Debbie L

    Wow! Linda your projects are just spectacular. I personally never want to show anything I have made in a workshop because it is soooo bad – yours are just wonderful! Glad you had so much fun.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! The CREATE workshop sounds like you got some experience with a lot or different projects. The necklace is great. You should fire up that kiln of yours and make more!

  4. eamylove

    I just have to say that I just clicked on the first photo of your collage, for a better view…it is the most inspiring and beautiful thing I’ve seen in weeks! Your daughter’s is also fascinating, and so are the other projects, but your collage is exceptionally beautiful! WOW!

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