Stamping on fabric. What do you use?

I’m sewing my way through the book Zakka Style by Rashida Coleman-Hale.  This week’s project is a small sewing kit with pincushion.  This is a quick and easy project to make up and I used several stamps to personalize mine.

Zakka Sewing Kit

Project 4: Zakka Sewing Kit

Zakka Sewing Kit - Outside

Outside of kit

I would like to do more stamping but have had trouble finding the right supplies for fabric. I would love to know what other sewers have had success with.  In particular I would like to know which products give a detailed imprint and are also permanent and washable.  I’ve been using clear stamps mounted on an acrylic block.  These stamps are fairly shallow.  A rubber stamp would probably be easier to use, but I love the variety of these clear stamps.

Clear stamps

The large owls on the pockets of my sewing kit were done using a liquid acrylic called NEO OPAQUE by Jacguard that I bought at my local art supplies store.  I bought a glass artist’s palette to pour a bit of the ink on to and then a brayer to smooth it out.  I tried both touching the stamp to the ink and also using the brayer to ink the stamp.  Both ways worked “just okay” – especially on the textured fabric that I’m using.

Owl stamped on inside of kit

Neo opaque by Jacguard

NEO OPAQUE by Jacguard

After doing a bit of research on the web, I ordered some different products made by VersaCraft.  I bought an ink pad (which is smaller than I thought it would be when I mail ordered it – don’t you hate that?), some ink to reink the pad, and a dual tipped marker.  I used these to stamp my name on the kit and the small owl on the pincushion.  I was glad that I had bought the marker because I was able (with the small tip) to darken the areas that needed it – and they did need it.

My name on outside of kit

Small owl stamp on pincushion

Versa Craft products

Versa Craft products

I did heat set all of the images I stamped, but since this project will probably never be washed, I don’t really know if it is permanent.

What products do YOU recommend?


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11 responses to “Stamping on fabric. What do you use?

  1. I love your version of the sewing kit! I used the Versa Craft stamps and one of my massive collection of rubber stamps!

  2. I haven’t tried the stamping yet…am anxious to see what the experts can tell us. Your project is darling, and I love the effects and designs you used!

  3. I know nothing about fabric stamping yet, but I love the way this turned out. Great job!!

  4. The sewing kit is adorable! I suggest you talk to Diane W about stamping.

  5. Ria

    I’ve never done any stamping, so I can’t really weigh in on any product recommendations, but I couldn’t leave this blog before telling you that those owls are adorable! Especially the little one on the pincushion!

    • I love the name of your blog and enjoyed looking at it and your etsy store. How did you happen to find my blog?

      • Ria

        Thanks! Glad you liked my blog. 🙂 I found yours while browsing the WordPress topic tags for “zakka,” actually. I’ve also got the Zakka Style book, and like looking at what other people have made from it. 🙂

  6. Elnora

    Love how your project turned out! About the stamp pad being too small, even a tiny one can ink a stamp just fine. If you’re right-handed, hold the stamp rubber-side-up in your left hand. Hold the pad in your right hand, and tap it on the stamp. That way you can see where you’ve inked it, and how much.

    If those clear acrylic stamps, or even new rubber stamps, don’t hold the ink well, you can lightly, lightly sand them with super fine sand paper before using. The ink will adhere better. Or you can use clear Versamark ink lightly on the stamp and then add the black or other color over it. Somehow the clear Versamark makes the ink adhere better.

    Any stamp store can sell you various types of permanent inks that are good for fabric, but watch out for ones that require nasty, smelly solvents to clean them off stamps. Most need to be heat set to be permanent.

    The finer the weave of fabric you stamp on, the clearer your image will be.

    Hope you don’t mind that the owls aren’t perfectly clear. They’re charming just as they are! BTW, I found your lovely blog through the posting of your sewing kit photos on the Zakka Style Sew Along group on Flickr.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to provide me with all of this great advice/information. It makes me want to go try stamping something else right now! I appreciate your comments and wonder if you have a blog or flickr site.

  7. I have only used the Martha Stewart fabric paint to stamp so don’t have anything to compare it to but I’m very happy with the results. Your blog made me buy the Zakka book!

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m delighted to hear that you’re going to join in on the zakka fun. Which project do you think you’re going to make? If you make the Zakka Sew Along project for the week (Zip organizer this week, and a fun zippered pouch next week) you can link up with the sew along group and qualify for some great prizes. If you want more info, please contact me.

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