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Stamping on fabric. What do you use?

I’m sewing my way through the book Zakka Style by Rashida Coleman-Hale.  This week’s project is a small sewing kit with pincushion.  This is a quick and easy project to make up and I used several stamps to personalize mine.

Zakka Sewing Kit

Project 4: Zakka Sewing Kit

Zakka Sewing Kit - Outside

Outside of kit

I would like to do more stamping but have had trouble finding the right supplies for fabric. I would love to know what other sewers have had success with.  In particular I would like to know which products give a detailed imprint and are also permanent and washable.  I’ve been using clear stamps mounted on an acrylic block.  These stamps are fairly shallow.  A rubber stamp would probably be easier to use, but I love the variety of these clear stamps.

Clear stamps

The large owls on the pockets of my sewing kit were done using a liquid acrylic called NEO OPAQUE by Jacguard that I bought at my local art supplies store.  I bought a glass artist’s palette to pour a bit of the ink on to and then a brayer to smooth it out.  I tried both touching the stamp to the ink and also using the brayer to ink the stamp.  Both ways worked “just okay” – especially on the textured fabric that I’m using.

Owl stamped on inside of kit

Neo opaque by Jacguard

NEO OPAQUE by Jacguard

After doing a bit of research on the web, I ordered some different products made by VersaCraft.  I bought an ink pad (which is smaller than I thought it would be when I mail ordered it – don’t you hate that?), some ink to reink the pad, and a dual tipped marker.  I used these to stamp my name on the kit and the small owl on the pincushion.  I was glad that I had bought the marker because I was able (with the small tip) to darken the areas that needed it – and they did need it.

My name on outside of kit

Small owl stamp on pincushion

Versa Craft products

Versa Craft products

I did heat set all of the images I stamped, but since this project will probably never be washed, I don’t really know if it is permanent.

What products do YOU recommend?


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