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Valentine hearts?

Christmas stocking for my cardiologist husband.  (Pattern specifics for both hearts and stocking are at the end of this post)

I did not get this stocking made in time to hang it on the mantel for Christmas. Does having it done by Valentine’s Day count for anything? This was the project I worked on during “Snowzilla” – 24 inches of snow in DC. (It kind of felt like Christmas!)

I marked the sewing lines on all of these squares.

I sewed across all 3 corners without removing from the machine - just pivoted.

I sewed across all 3 corners without removing from the machine – just pivoted.

Chain piecing made the project go faster.

The finished hearts are very boxy until you sew them together which produces the more rounded looking hearts.


Voila! I now have 2 stockings made. These happen to be for the oldest and youngest members of my family. 5 more to go. Maybe there will be another snow storm!?!

The heart directions are from a mini quilt tutorial by Jera of Quilting in the Rain.

The Christmas Stocking pattern by Fons and Porter can be found here. They are a great size – almost 2 feet long!


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Happy Valentine’s Day

Mug Rug for daughter M who loves elephants.

Mug Rug for daughter M who loves elephants.

A few weeks ago, I had big plans to make my 3 daughters and my special girl friends a mug rug for Valentine’s Day.  Unfortunately, this is the only one I actually made. I came down with the flu and couldn’t get myself motivated to work on them while not feeling well. I purchased this pattern from Craftsy. The designer is Amanda from The Patchsmith. She has many adorable mug rug patterns for sale for a small price.

Back of mug rug.

Back of mug rug.

A mug rug is a cross between a coaster and a placemat. It’s just big enough for a mug and a muffin.

While I was sick, I did do a bit of heart embroidery. I’ve always had a fondness for hearts because my husband is a pediatric cardiologist and this is also the field I’ve worked in as a registered nurse.

Embroidered hearts.

Embroidered hearts.

1. Chain Stitch  2.Blanket Stitch  3. Lazy Daisy Stitch  4. French Knots  5. Cross Stitch  6. Whipped Running Stitch

I was inspired by this book.

I was inspired by this book.

I have so many special woman in my life (and men but I don’t think they would use a mug rug). Sorry I didn’t get to send you a pretty little goodie this year! Love you and happy Valentine’s Day.


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