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Sewing Day with my Daughter


Cutting the fabric. The lining was cut and sewn first to check the fit.

Monday was Columbus Day and Megan had the day off from both school and work and asked if we could have a “sewing day” and make a skirt that she had purchased wool fabric and a pattern for years ago. Luckily we knew where they were!

When I was at the fabric store for something else, I saw they had some leather pelts and one was just the color of the fabric for her skirt, so I bought it.



I’ve done a little bit of sewing with leather before, but I wasn’t completely confident. At least I had a leather needle for my sewing machine!

Here is the pattern she used. Notice the word “EASY!” Not even a dart and we cut the front on the fold of the fabric and so didn’t put a seam down the front either. Nothing to mess with the houndstooth pattern of the wool fabric.

Simplicity 9825 - No longer available

Simplicity 9825 – (No longer available)

Here is the mostly finished skirt. (Still needs to be hemmed)


It came out great!

Since both the houndstooth wool and leather were precious, we ended up making two muslins to make absolutely sure we were going to be happy with the fit. The leather was not difficult to work with. This piece was pretty pliable. It wasn’t much different than working with the heavy wool. We were concerned about messing up the zipper but found this blog post that showed an amazing red leather skirt with an invisible zipper in it, so we went for it.

Invisible zipper

Invisible zipper

We even made the inside as pretty as the outside!


Inside yoke and lining

All in all, we’re pretty proud of this skirt. Megan did almost all of the sewing but was pretty much hand fed all of the pieces by me as she went. You can not put pins into leather so we used clover binding clips instead. The only other comment I would make about sewing with leather, in case you’re tempted to try it, is that it does stretch and so you do have to be careful of that. I sewed a piece of twill tape to the upper edge to keep it from stretching as she wears it.

Now we just have to wait for the weather to get cold enough for Megan to wear it.

(Well, I guess someone’s got to hem it first too!)


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