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Chicken Pincushions

Aren’t these the cutest pincushions ever?   I bought the pattern years ago at Quilted Threads in Henniker, NH.   At the time I thought it would be a great gift for my sister who has chickens on her “farm”.

I hadn’t made one up until a week ago.  Once I made one, I couldn’t stop! I kept wondering how another one in a different fabric would look! The pattern is called Little Banty Chick Pincushion.  It is by Susa Glen at the ArtFabric Studio.  Notice how these have “painted fingernails!” (Actually just a red bead at the end of all the yellow beads).

I filled these with sand but I’m going to try walnut shells  (thanks Anne!) in the next one I make.  They are ground up and have the same texture as sand but not quite as fine. It seems as though there will be less chance of it “leaking” out of the seems – although this has not been a problem with the sand.  There is a little bit of polyfil stuffing in the head as no matter how tight I fill them, the head always ends up empty.

They sew up very quickly.  You catch the beak and the tail into the few body seams.  They are filled with sand before the beads are added to make the feet, comb and wattle.  I had a lot of fun making them and can’t wait to make some more!


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