Willow Cowl

Beautiful fall colors!

Beautiful fall colors!

The Willow Cowl knitting pattern is a free download from Ravelry. It alternates rows of knit stitches with rows of a lace pattern and features a picot edging on both the top and bottom.


I took a long car trip with my husband last month to Colorado, Utah and Montana and was looking for a “project” to do on the airplane and in the car. My friend, Anne, happened to wear a willow cowl right before I was leaving. I knew this was the perfect thing to take with me. I even convinced two of the friends I was meeting to work on one too.

Busy knitting out Willow Cowls

Busy knitting our Willow Cowls

One of our husbands took this picture of us. Look at the concentration! I wish you could see the roaring fire in the fireplace across from us. We were at 10,000 feet in a cabin in CO and it was cold at night in October.

I finished my cowl during the car ride away from the cabin when we were near Grand Junction, CO. I quickly looked up on my smart phone to see if there was a yarn store nearby our route. Yes! AND my dear husband was willing to stop. Only a mile off of our planned route was this store:

Tangle in Grand Junction, Colorado

Tangle in Grand Junction, Colorado

I bought two more skeins of sock yarn.

Ooh la, la!  100% Pure Silk

Ooh la, la! 100% Pure Silk

This yarn is thin – more lace weight than sock weight. But the silk is so nice feeling! And these colors were all around me while I was knitting it.

I followed the same directions but the difference in the yarn made a bit of a difference in the size that doesn’t really matter when you wear it.


I finished both of these on my trip and was glad to have something to work on while visiting friends and traveling. Since returning home, I’ve started on a third one. I’m not sure whether I will keep all three or gift one or two of them. Would you like one?

Koigu sock yarn - Merino wool

Koigu sock yarn – Merino wool


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10 responses to “Willow Cowl

  1. Sandy J. Selig

    Adorable!!You always find and interesting project to work on.

  2. Shawn Fasules

    Glad to see you knitting again!

  3. Sharon Hankins

    Love all of them but especially the blue! They are fun and a bit challenging to knit. Glad we did them together!

  4. Those are beautiful! I love the pic of you and your friends.

  5. these are so lovely! Your blog makes me happy. I can never remember my wordpress login so I rarely comment, but thanks for sharing.

  6. Great post! I especially love the pics of fall colors next to the willow cowl.

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