Winter Tweed Boston Bag


I made this wool bag for one of my daughters for Christmas this year. It is from the book “Carry Me – 20 Boutique Bags to Sew” by Yuka Koshizen. I bought the book after seeing the bag from the cover made up at a quilt shop in Hawaii. However, after buying the book I fell in love with this Boston Bag and knew my daughter who works in Boston would love it.


This bag was quite an accomplishment. Just gathering the materials needed to make it was somewhat of a challenge.  I bought the tweed wool and then the lining fabric. That was the easy (and fun!) part.

Inside of bag.

Yellow for the inside!

Then I bought the 12″ Tubular Frame (Item 912) from Ghee’s online.  I thought I was ready to go. As I got started I saw that the pattern called for purse feet on the bottom. That seemed like a good idea but I couldn’t find any locally so back online I went.

Antique brass purse feet

Antique brass purse feet

I ended up ordering from I had to decide what color metal hardware to order. The internal frame doesn’t show except for the hinges which are brass. I didn’t want shiny brass feet or handle hardware and so I chose antique brass. These small antique brass feet (B1615) require a back post to attach them.

Close up. Aren't they pretty?

Close up. Aren’t they pretty?

The back post (B1414) comes in different lengths and so I had to guess what thickness the bottom of the bag would be. They only cost about 8 cents each so I ordered a couple different sizes. I ended up using the 3/8″ size which worked well. My bag bottom had 2 layers of interfaced fabric (wool and lining), a layer of foam stabilizer which gives this bag it’s structure, and 2 layers of stiff Peltex that was cut just the size of the bag bottom.


After all of that, I couldn’t find leather handles locally. I could find some synthetic leather handles that looked pretty nice, but after spending all of this money on all of the other materials, was I really going to settle for less than leather? And believe me, this daughter would notice – immediately! I needed dark brown leather, 20″ long with antique brass hardware and the ability to attach to the bag. I bought these from Pursesuppliers on Etsy. I did like that they sewed on rather than having to use a single rivet. I just feel as though they can handle the weight of whatever gets put into the bag better this way. And believe me, a LOT can fit in this bag!


Pockets on both sides.

Once I had the fabric cut and all of the supplies gathered, it was summer! I kept everything together and put it all away for months.


The directions for this bag are very minimal. You have to read and look at small diagrams and I don’t think they are very clear. I would not want a beginner sewist or someone who hasn’t put several handbags together before to make an attempt at anything in this book. I had to make my best guess at much that I did. Having said that, though, the whole bag is one piece of fabric, and so it is very cleverly put together. It’s all about that internal frame.


I am so glad to finally have completed this bag! I think my daughter is going to love it – I really hope so.


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11 responses to “Winter Tweed Boston Bag

  1. Heather

    This bag is GORGEOUS! Lucky daughter!

  2. She loves it and had fun showing it off at work.


  3. Phyllis Holt

    My, what a difficult and beautiful project!

  4. Jane Gordon

    What a great bag! It is so “in” !!!!

  5. Chesta

    Fantastic!!! This is the perfect bag for Sandy. You could sell these, you know. Put Fossil out of business!

  6. Debbie L

    Fabulous. As I said earlier I bought the book, looked at the instructions for one bag and donated it to the NeedleChasers Library! Kudos. The bag and the detailing is just spectacular.

  7. I saw the pic on flickr and was wondering what the story was…it obviously was a lot of work, but it looks fantastic! I love that it opens so wide. This way your daughter can actually find all of the stuff that she has stashed in there! Congrats on an awesome job!

  8. Christine Payne

    Linda, this bag is fabulous! Your work is beautiful. So thoughtful!

  9. Sandy J. Selig

    That bag is amazing!! What a project to put all of that together. You need a picture of Sandy holding it, I bet she loves it!! Good work!

  10. Victoria

    Gosh, what a glamorous AND useful bag!! Lucky girl, your daughter. Will have to give this a go.. just what I was hoping to make. Especially love the brass instead of silver.

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