Teabag Pouch – Zakka 2.0 Week 3


3 teabag pouches

This week the Zakka 2.0 sew along has us sewing a tea cozy and/or teabag pouch. I thought long and hard about making the cozy because I do have a small 2 cup ceramic teapot that I could use a cozy for, but in the end I decided to make only the pouch. My 3 daughters all drink tea and I thought a pouch would be handy for them to take their favorite tea to work or keep in their purse – so I made 3.

Here are the materials all cut for one pouch.

Here are the materials all cut for one pouch.

Pockets ready to be sewn in place.

Pockets ready to be sewn in place.

Once the pockets are in place, sewing up this project is just a matter of placing the outside piece and the pocket piece right sides together and sewing around the edge except for a small opening to turn it right side out.





Teabags places within pockets and pouch folded up and button sewn in place.

Teabags placed within pockets and pouch folded up. Button sewn in place.


Another quick and easy project done.

Take a look at the Flickr group here to see what other sewers have done this week. Everyone is doing such a great job of personalizing these projects to fit their own use and style. Instead of a tea cozy with the word TEA pieced on it, Lindsey of LR Stitched made a toaster cover with the word EAT on it and . . .

Toaster cover by Lindsey Rhodes

Toaster cover by Lindsey Rhodes

Diane of Random thoughts. . do or “di” made a mixer cover for her Mixmaster.

Mixer cover by Diane Stanley

Mixer cover by Diane Stanley

Such clever sewers!


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11 responses to “Teabag Pouch – Zakka 2.0 Week 3

  1. ARGiancola

    Okay, Linda, They are cute, but it is a lot of work just to hold three teabags.

    Alice G.

    • It was almost as easy to make 3 as it was to make 1. The girls are excited about them. Megan took hers to work this morning without any prompting by me.

  2. I love that you made each daughter a tea bag holder! Small handmade presents make every day so special.

  3. Wow – three very very cute pouches!!

  4. These are great, Linda! I’m endlessly impressed by your ability to churn out amazing products! How do you work so quickly?

    • It is because I’m making these little things instead of full size quilts! Although, I do have to admit that I have been on a roll since the weekend of the DCMQG retreat because I’ve had the time (and the inclination!) – which is about to end with my trip for the 4th of July. I’ll be going with lots of little handmade gifts in tow which make me (and hopefully my family) so happy.

  5. Connie

    I love these….I am sure the girls will love having them. Love those tea drinkers…. I enjoy seeing what your projects are each time you post.

    • Thanks Connie. I’ve been sewing like crazy for the past week or so and have a line up of projects to write about. I’m glad you enjoy looking at them.

  6. These are so cute!! You do such a wonderful job picking fabrics that work well for each project.

  7. Hannah

    Oh my gosh, THANK YOU for explaining what a teabag pouch is for. For some reason I didn’t get it until then, even after all those times I’ve had to empty out my purse to find the lone teabag I’d dropped in there earlier. This is a great idea, and your fabrics are so pretty! I’d love to see this, or whatever other useful things you’ve made and feel like showing off, on Kollabora.com, the online crafting community. I just moved and am trying to collect decor inspiration!

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