Did you know this?

I have been shown two “interesting” things lately that I feel I should have known all my life, but didn’t until someone pointed them out.  First – have you ever driven a rental car or a relative’s car and pulled into a gas station to fill it up and wondered which side of the car the gas tank is on? You try to see by looking in your side view mirrors but you can’t really tell for sure so you guess. You have a 50% chance of getting it right and not having to turn the car around, right? Well, guess what?  If you look at the fuel gauge on the dashboard, there is a little car symbol that has an arrow on it that shows you where the gas tank is.  No kidding!



See it?  On my car the gas tank is on the drivers side (on the left!) Check it out in your own car. Why have we never noticed this before?  Thank you daughter Sandy for this tip.

Next – my friend Jane pointed this out to me some time ago and I have told so many people since. Did you know that most plastic wrap or foil wrap boxes have a little tab on each side which is meant to be pushed in to keep the roll inside the box when you roll out the wrap?  Again, no kidding! See?

See?  Push Tab to Secure Roll!

“Push Tab to Secure Roll!”


It does actually work too!

Less obvious but still there

Less obvious but still there

Here’s a little poll I would love for you to take.  PLEASE tell me I’m not the only one who didn’t know!


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2 responses to “Did you know this?

  1. Jan B Gavin

    Did not know either of these factoids! Thanks!

  2. You plus me makes two for two! Thanks Linda for showing us these tips.

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