My favorite Christmas things!

We had a holiday party for my husband’s staff last night. You know what that means!  Cleaning. . . and decorating (and more cleaning). During the decorating process, I took some pictures of the holiday items we put out every year which I truly love. Most of these are things that someone made for me/us.

Ceramic tree that my sister made and gave to me in 1978.

Ceramic tree that my sister made and gave to me in 1978.

I love setting out this tree each year. I keep it in the original cardboard box and newspaper wrapping that my sister gave it to me in.

Newspaper that tree was wrapped in.

Newspaper that tree was wrapped in.

Evidently in 1978 you could buy a 3 bedroom home within 12 minutes of Boston for under $80,000!

(A bonus this year was setting up the tree on a table runner that my niece sewed for me last year.)


My sister embroidered this and gave it to me the first year that I was married which was in 1982. She still likes to embroider but mainly does beautiful cross stitching now.


Indoor Rudolph

This reindeer was made by my dad from a birch log from our summer cottage property. Every year he has a little different look as we find new antlers for him. My dad made these as a church fundraiser and he probably gave me this one around 1985.

Two years ago I convinced a very dear friend who has woodworking tools to help me make another Rudolph. He is in Colorado and he/we made one from an aspen log. This Rudolph is a bit larger than the original and his electric connections allow him to be placed outside.

Outdoor Rudolph

Outdoor Rudolph

He welcomes visitors as they come to our front entrance.



Crystal tree topper

Crystal tree topper

I bought this crystal tree topper as a gift for my husband for our first Christmas in 1982. It is made by Lenox. I have never seen another one like it – either at a store or on someone else’s tree.

Blown egg Christmas onrnament

Blown egg Christmas onrnament

This is always our favorite ornament to put on the tree. Mostly it is a wonder every year that something this fragile survived another year in Christmas storage. My middle daughter made this in her kindergarten class in 1990 and it is a blown out egg.

Glass block with light inside wrapped as a "present".

Glass block with lights inside wrapped as a “present”.

A friend and her husband made these for a group of our friends at least 10 years ago. They drilled a hole in a glass block that would allow a set of small lights to be put inside. They made some of them with white lights and some with colored. I love this one. I usually place it under my tree but I also like to use it to light my bathroom during a party so that visitors don’t walk into a dark room if they need to use it.

Angel garland

Angel garland

Have you ever taken on a sewing project that you thought would be sooooooo quick and easy, only to find out that it took on a life of it’s own? That is the case with this angel garland. I made several with a few friends and we kept scheduling more and more time to get together to finish them and it took forever! I gave my brother and sister in law one (I don’t even know if they display theirs) and I kept this one.  The little bows on the front and wings on the back are still being held on with straight pins. I never did finish!

Nativity scene that was my husband's grandmothers.

Nativity scene that was my husband’s grandmothers.

My mother in law used to put this creche out on her mantel at Christmas time. When she moved into assisted living a few years ago, she offered it to me. This is the first year that I’ve been able to display it. I love all the pieces.

These things make the season so much more special as we remember the people in our lives who we shared and share the season with.

Do you have special items that you put out only at Christmas time?









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4 responses to “My favorite Christmas things!

  1. Jan Gavin

    I have the Hanukkah menorah I used as a child. It is a very simple menorah, brass cups in a straight row and a Star of David on the taller branch in the middle. The tall branch is for the shumash, the candle used to light all the other candles. The grocery store candles get all melted into the cups and is difficult to keep clean through eight days of lighting. Very little quality control on Hanukkah candle making. They drip like crazy and burn unevenly. I have a few more menorahs, but this is the one that always gets used. Jan

    Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2012 01:06:53 +0000 To:

  2. What a lovely tradition. I hope someday you will find some candles that make it easier to keep the treasured menorah clean.

  3. Sharon Hankins

    How fun to see things I know about and other special heirlooms and read their stories. What a wonderful and meaningful thing to do. Your girls will have a record of these family treasures. You inspire me to do the same. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

  4. What wonderful treasures! Thank you for sharing. We have not put up our tree yet, but when we do, there will be a lot of reminiscing about the ornaments and decorations. Such a fun way to remember it all!

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