Gift Notebook Cover

Front of closed notebook

I wanted to make a gift for the woman who cuts my hair.  She is a young and busy mother who I always enjoy seeing and who always makes me look good – or at least as good as what she has to work with can get! This notebook is very similar to the notebook I made for my college roommate.

Back of outside

These notebooks have a handy pen holder on the outside, a business card pocket on the inside front and a larger pocket on the inside back.

Open notebook – front

Open notebook – back

I did some free motion quilting practice on the notebook I made for myself and I use it all the time.













I hope that Heather likes hers.  I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow (and dyed – yikes! Wish me luck.)


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4 responses to “Gift Notebook Cover

  1. I absolutely love the notebook you made for me. I have it with me in Scotland as I write. I keep it with me all the time. It’s the best!


  2. Danita

    Great work, Linda. Fun to read about your sewing adventures. Danita

  3. eamylove

    Wow! I’m sure she’ll appreciate the “cutting and coloring” you’ve done for her, in fabrics! Looks great!!!

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