Quilting while visiting Montana

Quilted table runner

Quilted table runner – ready for binding

My in laws have a summer “home” in Ennis, Montana.  My husband loves to go there.  I did too when my kids were young and his folks were there.  Now when we go, it is often just the two of us.  That is nice too, but he is often busy puttering with the opening or closing or general (unending!) maintenance, so this year I decided it would  give me more to do if I had a sewing machine there. The “home” is a one bedroom mobile home which was built in 1963.

Humble lodging

Humble lodging

It is in the Madison Valley with mountains all around and the Madison River within footsteps.  Great fly fishing!  I wasn’t sure if I could find a sewing machine store anywhere close so I did the next best thing – ordered from Amazon.  I ordered an inexpensive ($150) Brother sewing machine that came with a hard cover and walking foot.

Sewing in the kitchen

Sewing in the kitchen – Look closely

The machine came the day after we got there and it’s terrific.  It’s not my Bernina, but it sews great.  So look close at the picture, dark as it is (sorry!) and see how lucky I am – sewing machine, wine, little creek just out the window and a BBQ.  What more could anyone wish for?  Well, maybe an extra bathroom would be nice if it were more than just two of us staying here.

Close up of piecing

Close up of piecing

This log cabin table runner is an unfinished object that I started quite some time ago.  I had 18 blocks made up but not all sewn together.  It started as a kit for a lap size quilt but I realized that it would look quite nice on an antique side board that we have inside our front entry at home where we tend to drop mail and keys.  The 18 blocks are the perfect size.  I have sewn them all together and quilted it simply with the walking foot. While trimming I did some measuring and one end is almost 3/4″ wider than the other.  How come?  The wider end is the one I did on the new machine!  Obviously the 1/4″ mark is different enough that with all these seams, it added up to be that different.  I will have to be creative with attaching the binding in order to try to “equalize” it.  The binding will be added tonight so that I can hand sew the back side tomorrow when we drive to Yellowstone Park.

Here it is in place, back at home!

Addendum – The pattern for this log cabin block is by Edyta Sitar and is called Cross Roads. You can find the pattern here.


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11 responses to “Quilting while visiting Montana

  1. Looks like you are making good use of your time. Loved seeing you on Minday. Looking forward to Labor Day.

  2. Sharon Eshlaman

    Love the table runner in pinks and browns.

  3. love this, so beautiful! Please do share the pattern/kit name! thank you 🙂

  4. Ethel

    So do you have the pattern? I have a book on log cabins but how did you lay it out. Ks2stepper@yahoo.com if you could give it to me

    • I do not have the pattern any longer. It is a standard log cabin design but it has a pieced sashing strip between the log cabin blocks. There is a small pink square at the junction of these strips. I hope that you can figure it out with this information and the photos. Good luck!
      Linda F.

  5. I love the colors you used in this runner can you tell me which fabric/designer you chose? Also what size blocks did you make, I understand the Log Cabin is easy enough but there are so many different sizes to choose from. We have a very long dining room table and this would be perfect for it.

    • Hi Bella, Thanks for taking a look at my blog! I absolutely love this table runner. I made it to fit a piece of furniture I have. Actually, to be truthful, it started out as a lap size quilt and once I got a certain number of blocks done, I realized it was enough to fit my sideboard and so I stopped there.

      The finished block is 6-3/4″ square. I started with 1-1/2″ wide strips which finish at 3/4″. The center square is 2-1/2″ finished (3″ unfinished). These blocks are then sashed with another 3/4″ finished strip with a small square at the intersections. I hope that this makes sense.

      The finished dimension is 15″ x 69″ which is 2 blocks wide x 9 blocks long.

      The fabric was just a mix of pretty old fashioned looking calicos in pinks and browns and neutrals. I don’t think they belonged to any one designer.

      If I can tell you anything else that would help you to make up this project, please let me know! And if you do make it, please send me a picture. Good luck!


  6. Caroll

    We love Ennis and that whole area. Have a place in cascade.Id and that is where I do most of my sewing something about the country (from California)
    Bought a mini appliqué from the quilt shop in ennis of ennis lake. Plan to go again this summer love the little town and the sandwich shop

    • There are more quilt shops in that area (Ennis, Bozeman) than there are in Washington DC where I live most of the year. I love to visit that part of the country! Happy quilting and thanks for stopping by my blog.

  7. Caroll

    I love the tablerunner

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