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Can you make a modern quilt from older scraps?

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Finished quilt.

I was recently given some left over fabric pieces from former projects of a fellow quilter. She admitted that some of the fabric has been put away in her basement for up to 15 years. Although some of the fabric colors were rather dated, some of them were bright and cheerful.  I picked out some of the fabric strips that I liked best.

Strips laid out

These strips of fabric were perfectly sewn together with really flat seams that were so easy to work with.  I sewed enough of them together to form one long piece.

Separate fabrics sewn together

I then folded the piece into thirds and cut the horizontal strips in the other direction.

Cutting across the strips

Next I cut slightly wider strips out of Kona Snow and sewed them on each side of the colored strips.

Strips sewn together with white strips

I’ve got to admit that I chickened out with the quilting and decided just to do straight lines using my walking foot. Here is the finished quilt.

Finished Quilt

Straight line quilting

Addendum: This quilt sold in the first few hours of the Silent Auction for it’s “Buy It Now” price of $95.  I was very happy.  (100% was donated to the Needlechasers guild.)


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Envelope Wall Hanging

I have finished another item to sell at the Needlechasers boutique in October.  It is a wall hanging that includes three “envelopes” to hold cards.

Three envelopes to hold cards.

This fabric showcases Olivia the pig, a popular children’s book character.  The pigs are wearing winter scarfs so it could be used for Christmas cards.

Fabric and quilted hearts.

Or Valentine cards!

I think if made in another fabric, it would make a wonderful organizer for an office.

Here’s a cute little video of Olivia just for fun. She’s pretty cute.

Happy sewing!


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Trick or Treat! Bag

Trick or Treat!

Isn’t this adorable? I couldn’t resist the little monsters on this fabric.  I’m trying to make a few items to sell in the “boutique” at my quilt guild’s show in mid-October. It will help the Needlechasers of Chevy Chase support their community service and educational programming for the next two years.

Detail of decorative machine stitching

The pattern that I used is “Nesting Fabric Bowls” by Nova Flitter of “a cuppa and a catch up“. It is a downloadable PDF pattern that costs $7.95, is worth every cent, and you can find it here.

This is a very simple pattern to make! What makes it so worth buying is that you get measurements to make all 6 sizes plus directions to customize a size and a huge variation of other design ideas. Do you want to make it out of one fabric, more than one, a directional fabric, with one handle, two handles? Do you want to make it a box instead? Do you want to add a pocket or grommets for hanging it?

Here is the first one I made.  It is the 6 inch size.

6 inch fabric bowl

I made it out of linen, used pieced fabric strips for the feature fabric and did a running stitch with embroidery floss for an extra detail.

This one was made as a gift for my sister in law and brother who live on a lake in New Hampshire and feed us lobster every 4th of July.

I thought this was too small and too shallow to use for a trick or treat bag so I did use the directions for customizing a size for my halloween version.

6″ size vs. 7 ” size that is deeper

I am going to make a few more using these fabrics.

Fun halloween fabrics

The monsters and Candy Corns are “Eerie Alley” by Robert Kaufman.

The spiders are “Seen on Halloween” by Maywood Studio.

This ought to hold a lot of candy!

Here is what Nova writes on the pattern about selling items made from it: “I am happy for home-based businesses to sell items made using my pattern on a small scale. Credit must be given please to Nova Flitter of ‘a cuppa and a catch up’ as the pattern designer, thank you. This License to sell does not extend to large scale commercial production. Please do not make copies of this pattern or distribute, thank you.”

I’ve been making several small items to sell to benefit my quilt guild and I really appreciate it when the designer of a pattern spells out exactly what is and is not allowed this way!  Thanks Nova!

Linking to Quilt Story Fabric Tuesday. (even though it’s Wednesday!)


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Retro Clean: seeing is believing!

I think that a lot of quilters and non-quilters would be interested in knowing about a product called Retro Clean. If you have any old fabric items (quilts, handkerchieves, tablecloths, etc..) that are yellow or stained with age, this product can make them look like new.

Quilt top – before and after

I took these pictures today with my phone while at a friend’s house.  She is the president of the DC area quilt guild I belong to called the Needlechasers of Chevy Chase.  She had this old quilt top that was badly stained.  She removed the worst looking block to see what this product would do to it.

Retro Clean is a powder that is mixed with water.  The directions are to mix 3 or 4 tablespoons in a gallon of water and then submerge the item you are cleaning for 24 to 48 hours.  My friend soaked her quilt block for 24 hours.  She also put the tub she was using out in the sun as the directions say that this helps (their literature says it’s the heat).

One more picture of the results!

I was completely amazed to see the difference and had to take these pictures and share!  Honestly, even the colored fabric looked brighter.  I can not wait to try it on some items that I have.  Luckily my friend sent me home with some, so I don’t have to wait to mail order it.  I have this old quilt on a bed at my house that I may try to soak.


Don’t you know how much nicer this would look without those stains? I’ll let you know how it turns out!


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